A welcome result for trans equality in law in Northern Ireland

TransgenderNI is pleased to see today’s news from Ava Moore and the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland that Debenhams has settled a case on sex discrimination in recruitment. Trans people are covered under the Sex Discrimination (Northern Ireland) Order 1976, meaning that discrimination against an individual on the basis of their trans status may be treated as sex discrimination. Debenhams’ refusal to hire Ms Moore due only to her trans status is a clear example of what the law here does not permit.

Although as always, settlement out of court means case law for trans people doesn’t formally develop, we welcome this outcome and hope that it demonstrates to both the employer concerned and to others that trans-exclusionary practices in recruitment may meet the definition of sex discrimination in Northern Ireland.

We encourage all employers to follow good practice regarding sex discrimination in employment, including on the recruitment of trans individuals, and we encourage trans people to learn their rights in recruitment and the workplace. We also wish Ms Moore all the best.


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