Welcome to TransgenderNI

Who we are

We’re a human rights and community organisation for trans and gender diverse people in Northern Ireland. Based at our groundbreaking community centre, the Belfast Trans Resource Centre, we work tirelessly to protect and promote the rights and services that our community need.

We grew out of a need for a truly trans-led advocacy platform in Northern Ireland to represent trans rights issues as best as possible. We’re focusing on public campaigns, strategic policy and community development, while providing services and support to other organisations that need it.

What we do

We support and advocate for the rights of trans people in Northern Ireland, through community building, leading campaigns for social and administrative change, working with government and the community sector to improve policy and inclusion, and by giving trans people in Northern Ireland a platform, resources and the skills needed to self-advocate and bring about change. We also run the Belfast Trans Resource Centre and assist other trans organisations to develop, grow and become more sustainable.

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For trans people

BTRC logo There are a number of organisations in Northern Ireland who support trans individuals with physical and mental health, emotional wellbeing and social support. The Belfast Trans Resource Centre hosts various groups in the Belfast area. The BTRC also hosts a growing number of other events, like regular tabletop gaming days, a twice-weekly Wednesday and Saturday open day and various casual social events.
  There are other organisations in Northern Ireland who support trans people in various ways:

For families

Mermaids, who support trans, non-binary and gender-diverse children and young people and their families, now operate in Northern Ireland and can provide support to any parents, carers or other family members seeking help, information or support. 

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Healthcare services

There are now two formal healthcare services for trans people who need specialised support. BHSCTThe Brackenburn Clinic is the name for the Regional Gender Identity & Psychosexual Service, and provides adults in Northern Ireland with assessment, psychological support and onward referral, where appropriate, for hormone replacement therapy and surgery. Any adult (18 years old and older) who is experiencing gender dysphoria is welcome to seek a referral to Brackenburn Clinic via their GP or a mental health professional. Further information including how to seek a referral is available at the Brackenburn Clinic’s websiteAdditional information for patients is also available online.
Knowing Our Identity is a service which supports trans and gender variant children and adolescents, up to the age of 18, across Northern Ireland. They accept referrals from Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) teams across NI, and can chat directly with parents, guardians and patients directly about referrals. If you are not known to CAMHS, you should talk with your GP for a referral. Any child or adolescent who considers themselves transgender, non-binary, gender variant and/or is questioning their gender is welcome to seek a referral to KOI. The preferred route of referral to KOI is through a local Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. Other professionals working with a young person such as in health, Social Services or education, as well as young people and their families, can also contact the service directly to discuss a possible referral.
Referral to gender identity services in Northern Ireland is currently only through a GP or mental health professional; TransgenderNI and other community organisations cannot refer patients. Click the button below for more information on the services available. Find out more about trans healthcare services

Urgent help

If you or someone else is in immediate danger, always call 999.
If you need urgent support for a mental health crisis or other emergency situation, please check our online emergency help pages. Get emergency support