We regularly provide detailed individualised consultancy to public, private and community/voluntary sector organisations to help them make their policy, procedures and operational practice more trans-inclusive. We also provide advice for organisations facing particular situations or scenarios with their staff, customers or service users.

Help with making your organisation & work trans-inclusive

In addition to our training services, we provide in-depth support for organisations seeking to make their work more inclusive, those supporting trans staff members, customers and service users, and those adapting to changing good practice guidelines. Our team has supported local and regional government organisations, schools, colleges and universities, large and small employers and multinational bodies with policy, procedural and operational inclusion good practice, and in particular have strong experience in healthcare and education sectors.

Some examples of assistance available are:

  • Policy and procedure audits
  • Accessibility & inclusion support for recruitment, enrolment, on-boarding and data capture
  • Advice on facilities and service design
  • Step-by-step good practice advice with practical guidelines
  • Connecting organisations with sector colleagues with previous experience for peer learning
  • Assisting community connections with organisational diversity and inclusion projects

Contact us to inquire about our consultancy services

Information for small charities and community organisations

We charge for most of our formal training and consultancy services but can and aim to provide reduced cost or free support for organisations with small or no budgets to help them improve their inclusivity for the trans community.

If your organisation would like to avail of this, please get in touch.