TransgenderNI welcomes Education Authority guidance on supporting trans students

We support the efforts from the Education Authority to increase the inclusion of transgender and non-binary young people within schools and youth services. We believe this guidance will provide schools and youth workers in Northern Ireland with the skills and ability to fully engage with trans inclusion.

Although the guidance is not perfect, with notable room for improvement, we believe it will be a valuable resource for schools and a good measure to protect young trans and gender diverse people. We will continue to work with the Education Authority to ensure that the guidance they issue operates within best practice, includes trans young people in education as much as possible and affirms their human rights. We will also be happy to work with schools individually to help meet this best practice.

We are disappointed by this guidance being non-statutory – we believe all children and young people in NI schools deserve strong protections and the guarantee of an inclusive school.

We look forward to working with the Education Authority and other stakeholders in Northern Ireland’s education system to fully realise safe and inclusive schools for all LGBTQ young people and all exploring their identity.


Media requests should be directed to / 0300 302 3202

The guidance referred to in this press release can be found on the Education Authority’s website.