Support organisations for trans people was established several years ago as a directory for support for the trans community and those who support them. We’re proud to continue this directory today, listing the up-to-date community resources here in Northern Ireland. The following organisations are listed in alphabetical order for your convenience. Groups listed on this page with the exception of the BTRC are not necessarily endorsed or supported by TransgenderNI, and descriptions provided are written by the organisation concerned.
Belfast Butterfly ClubBelfast Butterfly Club logo
“The Belfast Butterfly Club, founded in 1991, is a support network for transgendered people and their families. By providing education and information we seek to increase awareness, overcome discrimination and achieve equality. Anyone over 18 is welcome to attend our club meetings regardless of where they are on the transgender spectrum. Join us and find the support of like-minded people. Be yourself instead of being by yourself.”
Belfast Trans Resource Centre
The Belfast Trans Resource Centre is a community space and hub for trans, non-binary and questioning people and their friends and families in Belfast. It hosts events by several of the other trans groups listed on this website, including SAIL, GenderJam, AffirmNI and Non-Binary+ NI.
Focus: The Identity Trustfocus
“Focus exists to provide social, educational and recreational activities for Transgender and Intersex individuals people in Northern Ireland and the Border Counties of the Republic of Ireland who have been referred to it by a Gender Identity Service or Registered Medical Practitioner.”
Gender Essence
11391569_10155647712800591_5323751163540261471_n“Gender Essence are a specialist counselling and support charity based in Northern Ireland and Kent. We are dedicated in offering emotional and theraputic support to those from the Trans* and Gender Variant communities, including and not limited to, Gender Fluid, Non-binary, Intersex and Asexual.
We have dedicated and trained counsellors who will help you work through any issues you may have and also to families as well. We also provide training and awareness raising around these issues, and run Essence Arts Festival annually.  Gender Essence operate a no identity judging policy. Everyone has a right to define themselves as they see fit; no one person is more valid in their identity than another.”
GenderJam NI
“GenderJam NI supports and advocates for young transgender, non-binary, questioning and intersex people aged 25 and under in Northern Ireland. They organise regular events across Northern Ireland and can support trans young people in education, healthcare, and employment.”
Non-Binary Northern IrelandNon-Binary NI
“Non-Binary Northern Ireland is a community group for people living in Northern Ireland who identify outside of the gender binary. This includes all identities that fall under the non-binary umbrella including genderqueer, gender-variant, agender, gender questioning, gender-fluid and any other gender identity that does not fit into conventional male/female gender.”
Transderry is a project by The Rainbow Project to support transgender individuals in the Foyle (North-West) area.
If you would like to add your organisation or change/remove your listing, please get in touch.