Meet our team

We’re proudly led by a team of trans individuals with significant and varied experience across strategic trans advocacy in Northern Ireland and beyond..

Photo of Alexa Moore

Alexa Moore

Alexa is a trans rights activist from Newry. She began working in the trans community midway through 2016, while she was still in school, and has been on the GenderJam Committee since August 2016. They founded the GenderJam Newry social group, and they’ve run it since October 2016, offering support to trans young people in Newry and the surrounding areas. She’s also been involved in running events and doing advocacy work through the Belfast Trans Resource Centre since it was launched. Besides trans rights work, Alexa was a committee member in the Northern Ireland Youth Forum from 2016 to 2018, and has promoted and advocated for the rights of young people on a regional and national level for the past several years, whilst ensuring the inclusion of trans young people in youth movements.

You can find Alexa on Twitter or Facebook, or by email at

Photo of Rain Watt

Rain Watt

Rain is a Belfast-based trans activist, and current chair of Non-Binary NI. Since getting involved with the Belfast Trans Resource Centre in early 2017, they have been instrumental in developing and delivering community events, outreach activities and fundraising programmes for the BTRC, culminating in the Big Trans Fundraiser. They have developed and delivered trans awareness and sexual health training regionally across many sectors in Northern Ireland, including at local government, regional health service and international NGO level, and will be continuing that work with TransgenderNI.

You can find Rain on Twitter, or by email at

Photo of Naomhán O'Connor

Naomhán O’Connor

Naomhán is a non-binary trans rights activist. They founded Non-Binary NI in 2016 and have been involved in trans activism organising and campaigning in Northern Ireland over the past several years in collaboration with regional trans organisations. Their main focus is helping young (and older) trans people get involved in the arts through artivism (using art as activism). To this end, they have been collaborating with Outburst Queer Arts Festival and Queertopia to get more trans people trained up in performance arts and event management.
Their background is in event management, and they were part of a team of four trans activists who organised the second European Trans and Intersex Summer Camp in Fermanagh in 2017. Their paid work is in digital communications, focused on social media and website management. They currently work for GATE – Global Action for Trans Equality as their Communications Officer, in addition to occasionally freelancing with queer arts festivals and other trans-led NGOs. In their spare time they are a filmmaker, video editor and photographer, and for fun they train in aerial circus skills and play Harry Potter-themed Dungeons and Dragons.

You can find Naomhán at their website at, on Twitter and Facebook, or by email at

Photo of Ellen Murray

Ellen Murray

Ellen is an experienced trans activist from Belfast in Northern Ireland , who works at regional, national, European Union and United Nations level on trans rights issues, specifically on legal gender recognition and depathologisation of trans healthcare. She founded both the trans youth service GenderJam NI in 2013, and the Belfast Trans Resource Centre in 2016. She has been a board member of Cara-Friend NI since 2014 and was Director of SAIL NI from May 2015 – August 2018. She now focuses on international human rights, community building, and on trans sector organisational & resource development. Ellen provides policy and research work for TENI, and is a public appointment to the UK Government LGBT Advisory Panel.

You can find Ellen at her website at, on Twitter and Facebook, or by email at